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The Best Version Of You

Our job is simple: you define what “the best version of you” looks like, and we help you get there. If there is a gap between where you are currently, and where you want to be  physically, then STARK exists to help bridge that gap.



Optimal health can only be achieved when the WHOLE body is addressed – inside and out. We look at things from all angles to make sure there is nothing inhibiting you from achieving your goals.

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No one person can be everything to everyone. Instead, we take a team of highly specialized individuals that each make contributions and allow for the high level of customization needed to deliver results.

Science, Technology & Naturopathic Medicine


The Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) scan is the gold standard in measuring body composition.  Unlike skinfold measurements and bioimpedance readings, the DEXA scan allows for the greatest accuracy in determining the lean muscle mass and bodyfat percentage of an individual.  In fact, DEXA has a greater level of accuracy than hydrostatic weighing (aka the “dunk tank”).  With this level of precision, the Stark team is able to establish a baseline measurement and check at regular intervals to ensure that you are making progress in your body composition goals. 


Monitoring & Evaluation
Our method begins with a baseline health evaluation. After, you are continually monitored and evaluated for progress, followed by a new, comprehensive plan to help you push through plateaus.

Program Design
Because your goals and physiological makeup are unique, all training protocols are individually designed for you. Expert programming will challenge you physically and mentally, but also consider diet, nutrition, sleep, treatments, and recovery.

All coaches are STARK Certified, and all sessions provide private 1:1 instruction. Each coach is equipped with real-time data, allowing access to your training protocols, diet, and nutrition, as well as supplement and recovery needs.

Our nutrition specialists design personalized diet and nutrition programs for you based on blood chemistry, goals and your ever-changing body. Custom supplement and nutraceutical plans (prescribed by one of STARKs doctors) are created to enhance the impact of your nutrition plan. Our nutritionists will meet you where you are in your journey, create a plan to fit into your lifestyle and teach you how to track your progress.

Naturopathic Medicine
Our doctors provide blood testing, I.V. Nutrient Therapy and Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) to address hormonal imbalances, inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, cardiovascular risk, and many other issues. This is a crucial component of our 360° approach. Without it, we may be working against the body’s physiology; whereas, with these treatments, we can get your physiology to help you achieve your goals.

Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Therapy
Our chiropractors address mechanical issues in the body through manual adjustments, Active Release Techniques (ART), and other forms of treatment. Whether it is dealing with an injury, correcting postural issues, or improving range of motion, all of these treatments will lead toward improved mobility. This will lead to a faster, more sustained improvement in your health and fitness.


Dr. Alice and Courtney in from of Stark Newport

The human body is complex.  Because of this, it is impossible for one individual to provide all of the answers.

That’s the reason for the STARK team!  No one person is responsible for all of your needs.  Instead, each team member possesses specialized knowledge that contributes to a comprehensive, fully-faceted program, designed specifically with your goals in mind.

Imagine gathering your doctor, chiropractor, nutritionist, and personal trainer all into a room and tasking them with working together to create a detailed plan for you.  At STARK, that is what happens for every individual that works with us.