3 Reasons You Should Cut Back On Strength Training

Why would a company that provides personal training tell you to cut back on your workouts?  Well, as you can see below, there are some pretty serious side effects that can come about as a result of you making gainz.

  1. Your Friends Will Get Jealous

Whether it’s the ridiculous amount of muscle tone you get, or the fact that no one will be able to keep up with you whenever you do something active, strength training has the potential to damage your relationships due to the fact that it will make you significantly more awesome than people who don’t.  So if your goal is mediocrity or to blend in, then strength training is definitely not the optimal path.

Distressed weightlifter holding head in his hands while sitting on gym bench
  1. It’s Expensive Replacing Your Wardrobe

Seeing as how strength training is the single most effective form of exercise for improving body composition, if you engage in it regularly (while also following the right nutrition plan), it’s pretty much inevitable that you’re going to need new clothes.  And that’s expensive!  What man wants shirts that are tight in the chest and shoulders but loose around the mid-section?  It’s way easier to just stay at a high waist size.  And for women, do you really want to replace all your dresses with smaller ones AND have to buy new skinny jeans?  So be careful with the amount of strength training you do, as it can definitely impact your pocket book when your body starts to change!

Woman touching stomach, painful suffering from stomachache caused by menstruation period or gastrointestinal issues.
  1. You’ll Outlive All of Your Relatives

Given the fact that lower body strength is a predictor of longevity, and strength training is one of the best ways to prevent the loss of bone mass, it’s highly likely that by strength training regularly, you will outlive most of your relatives.  And who wants to be alone?  Not to mention the fact that when you’re old, you’ll be the only one that’s even capable of doing anything active.  So it’s probably best if you just take one for the team, and let yourself wither away at a young age, since hey…. we all die someday.

Oh and by the way…. April Fools 🙂