Having a tough time reaching your full range of motion with your squats? Don’t be too hard on yourself, squats are actually a very challenging exercise that requires excellent mobility within your body.

No matter where you stand with your mobility range of motion, we have three simple tips that anyone can start doing to improve their squats.

Tip #1: Grip the floor by pressing into the ground with both of your big toes

Driving your big toes into the ground helps engage your muscles, create stability with the ground, and improve alignment.

Tip #2: Keeping your feet hip width distance a part, you want to externally rotate your knees before you start squatting.

Tip #3: When you begin squatting, it is helpful to imagine that you are pulling your feet and the floor up towards your shin. This allows your body to actively pull yourself down into a squat, rather than passively sitting into it.

We hope you can keep these three simple tips in mind next time you are getting your squat on!