Ankle Mobility with Dr. Justin

Dr. Justin demonstrates ankle mobility
In this video, Dr. Justin helps show you a mobility exercise for your ankles. Whether you are having any ankle pain, some calf stiffness, or if you are just getting ready to work out and do some squats or lunges, this can help. Start by taking a seat down on the ground. We are going to focus on your right ankle first, so you are going to take your right arm and put your right elbow crease underneath your right knee crease. Pull that right knee towards your chest, and you are going to hold both of your hands together like giving yourself a handshake. It is really important here that you try to keep your right knee in line with your hip the whole time.
From here, you are going to do some ankle circles, both clockwise and counterclockwise. Start by pointing your toes up towards our shin as high as you can, then start turning those toes out away from you. Make sure your knee doesn’t flare in, and try to keep that knee in line with that hip. Begin to slowly roll your toes down towards the ground while pointing them as far as you can. Next rotate your toes in towards your other leg and up, coming back to that starting position.
From here you are going to reverse it, so toes start by going in, rolling them and pointing them down to the ground. Pull the toes out and up, bringing them back to your shins. After a few reps, repeat the same process on your left ankle. To get the most from this, you will want to try to do 2-3 repetitions about once a day, or at least right before you work out.