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Business associates eating on the go
3 Nutrition Tips for Busy People
October 29, 2020

At Stark, we work with a lot of high-performers. Some of them are athletes, others are executives or entrepreneurs, and some... Read More
NMDiscussions: What is regenerative injection therapy?
NMDiscussion: What Is Regenerative Injection Therapy?
September 30, 2021

WATCH HERE   Regenerative Injection Therapy is a class of injection therapies where we are encouraging the regeneration of the tissues... Read More
The Top 3 Things to Feed Your Kids
The Top 3 Things to Feed Your Kids
September 23, 2021

How to Feed Your Kids to Perform at Their Best Everyone wants their children to be healthy and happy, and a... Read More
NMDiscussions: What is testosterone replacement therapy?
NMDiscussion: What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?
September 23, 2021

WATCH HERE   T.R.T, or Testosterone Replacement Therapy, is when we replace the hormone testosterone in men, and also in women... Read More
NMDiscussions: Why Stark’s bloodwork is different?
NMDiscussions: Why Stark’s Bloodwork Is Different
September 16, 2021

WATCH HERE     Stark students are typically surprised when they are told we do blood work during their intake, and... Read More
Coffee: The Secret to Life?
September 9, 2021

The Health Benefits of Caffeine  Caffeine plays a big role in many of our lives — but how does it impact our... Read More
Juice Cleanse: Must or Bust?
The Truth About Detoxification
August 13, 2021

The Truth About Detoxifying the Body It’s quite common to hear people in southern California say they’re going on a detox... Read More
NMDiscussions: Why naturopathic medicine?
NMDiscussion: Why Include Naturopathic Medicine in the Stark Method?
September 9, 2021

WATCH HERE   Naturopathic Medicine fits really well here at Stark because the largest foundation, in my opinion, is exercise and... Read More
Tip Tuesday: Snacking
August 12, 2021

WATCH HERE     This Tip Tuesday will work for any busy day, week or month! It's a practical nutrition tip especially... Read More
NMDiscussions: What is Naturopathic Medicine?
NMDiscussions: What is Naturopathic Medicine?
September 2, 2021

WATCH HERE Naturopathic Medicine is a system of medicine where we focus on identifying the root cause of disease, and trying... Read More