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Three-hundred-sixty degrees is a metaphor for complete. Here you’ll find information on how to optimize your performance, train for exceptional results, nutrition, client stories with whom you’ll be able to relate, as well as concepts specifically related to fat loss and weight loss.

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Olivia (Libby) Duane Adams, Chief Customer Officer, Co-Founder, Alteryx, Inc.

The leader in data blending and advanced analytics. “I’ve had to buy new clothes every few months since I started,” says...

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The True Story of a Modern-Day Pioneer

Standing in front of a movie theater with his dark complexion, big almond-shaped eyes, a heavy beard for his age, and...


Vegetables: Which Ones and How Much!

Everybody who takes part in physical activity wants to know how to enhance their metabolism and reach peak performance. Vegetables are...

testosterone impacts

What To Do About Testosterone Lowering Stress

Many people experience stress and see how negatively it affects their life. Fatigue, altered mood, anti-social behavior, disrupted sleep and decreased...

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My Sweet Mistress

“Rats will work for sugar water the same way they will work for cocaine. We need to take addictions seriously.” Dr....

pain killers

The Problem with Painkillers

Analogy: Imagine your job is to assemble furniture for people, but the furniture comes with all the pieces except the screws...

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What To Do When Your Diet Isn't Working

So you wanted to get back in shape. Lose the gut and get your muscle definition back. You’ve been at it...

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Minimizing Holiday Damage

Here are three areas on which to focus throughout the holiday season to help you keep the progress for which you’ve...

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I’ll Have Fats For Breakfast

You’re doing it all wrong. Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, you’d be surprised to know...

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The Best Supplements For Building Lean Muscle For Football Players

Whether you’re a lineman, a quarterback or a punter, you will be better if you are stronger and leaner. Putting on...