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Three-hundred-sixty degrees is a metaphor for complete. Here you’ll find information on how to optimize your performance, train for exceptional results, nutrition, client stories with whom you’ll be able to relate, as well as concepts specifically related to fat loss and weight loss.

muscles with football

The Best Supplements For Building Lean Muscle in Football Players

Whether you’re a lineman, a quarterback or a punter, you will be better if you are stronger and leaner. Putting on...


The Best Way to Build Lean Muscle For Young Athletes

Young athletes gather around! The weather is warming, school’s almost out, and the time is now. This is the season to...

measuring thigh

Secrets to Fat Loss and a More Youthful Metabolism

The following are some simple tips to get rid of the last 5 – 10 pounds; the pounds with which you’ve...

gut health

The Fermentation Farm

You know all that “good gut bacteria” we’re always talking about? What if I told you there’s a delicious way to...

back muscles

Eat Like A Masshole

I currently work with a handful of athletes, ranging from high school to college to professional. And coincidentally (or not), they’re...

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Three Reasons Why You May Be Struggling to Lose Weight

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first – you should eat less and to around 80% satiety. Based on the...

cholesterol chalkboard

An Alternative Approach to Cholesterol

For years, Cholesterol has been thought of as the be all and end all to determining the status of one’s health....