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Three-hundred-sixty degrees is a metaphor for complete. Here you’ll find information on how to optimize your performance, train for exceptional results, nutrition, client stories with whom you’ll be able to relate, as well as concepts specifically related to fat loss and weight loss.

pain killers

The Problem with Painkillers

Analogy: Imagine your job is to assemble furniture for people, but the furniture comes with all the pieces except the screws...

inches on waist

What To Do When Your Diet Isn’t Working

So you wanted to get back in shape. Lose the gut and get your muscle definition back. You’ve been at it...

santa with pizza

Minimizing Holiday Damage

Here are three areas on which to focus throughout the holiday season to help you keep the progress for which you’ve...

a collection of foods known for having healthy fats, such as avocado, salmon, extra virgin olive oil, and nuts

I’ll Have Fats For Breakfast

You’re doing it all wrong. Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, you’d be surprised to know...

a wrestler sets up his stance

The Best Way to Build Lean Muscle For Young Athletes

Young athletes gather around! The weather is warming, school’s almost out, and the time is now. This is the season to...

A lean woman measures her thigh with a measuring tape

Secrets to Fat Loss and a More Youthful Metabolism

The following are some simple tips to get rid of the last 5 – 10 pounds; the pounds with which you’ve...