Does this sound like you?

  • A little bit of booze
  • A little bit of Tylenol
  • A little bit of caffeine
  • A little bit of sugar
  • Being connected to everything and everyone with my cell phone
  • Checking my emails before bed
  • Eating while walking
  • Cereal for breakfast
  • The lunchtime sandwich
  • The weekly pizza,
  • … and maybe a little ice cream before bed 🙂

I was normal, but I also exercised a few days a week, and that made me “healthy.”

As early as I can remember (although I really didn’t consider it a “thing” back then) I had afternoon headaches–almost daily–which continued into my early 40s.

In my early 30s, a cluster of grand mal seizures was a bit of a wake-up call. It was around the same time that I developed an arrhythmia. After a battery of tests and medications, joint pain, and weight gain, I was a real mess.

That was my first hint of the impact of stress on my body, and a battle I didn’t even realize existed.

Symptoms like mine reveal themselves from a variety of stressors in the type ‘A’ over-achiever: a divorce, a business gone under, managing a rapidly growing business, selling your business, problems with your teenager, losing a key account, financial stress, and the list goes on.

I chalked it up to getting older, and so did my doctors.

Is your schedule like mine was?

You’re up as early as you can get out of bed, you check your emails before reading the paper, grab a mocha on the way to the office, have another cup at 10:00 as your energy wanes, enjoy a quick lunch at your favorite deli, and start nodding asleep by 2:00 PM, when you drag yourself to a Diet Coke to nudge you through the afternoon.

When you arrive home late, tired, the family is waiting for dinner.

At this point you’re exhausted but wired … and you don’t want to speak to anyone until you have a glass of wine.

That was my standard schedule at the time, with the addition of “vitamin T” (Tylenol) before bed, so I didn’t wake up with the headaches I’d been getting for over 25 years.

Of course, after falling asleep, I’d wake up at 3:00 AM to pee, and I couldn’t fall back asleep on weeknights until around 5:00 AM because of all of the stuff bouncing around in my head.

Week after week, and year after year, I continued on that schedule with the goal of making it to an early retirement in style.


It was a battle, and my perception was that that was how I should have felt: tired, beat up, but tough on the inside!

If you feel that way day after day, try thinking about your body like an automobile: it just doesn’t run properly if it’s not maintained.

Your body doesn’t perform like it should when you’re driving yourself into your own personal energy crisis.

How much does energy affect your ability to lead, convince, motivate, and practice good judgment?

How does that connect to your success in business, or as a doctor, spouse, father, or mother?

The one with the most energy always wins … these people  are all winning.

Today, Fortune 100, C-Level executives are targeting their bodies as an opportunity for a competitive advantage, and it’s even more critical for leaders of smaller organizations, like Stark, to manage their health, to get educated and take control, to measure what’s happening with their bodies just like they would measure running a business.

That’s why STARK exists: because we believe a better “you” lies just beneath the surface.

For me, getting involved with Stark might have been a life-saving experience due to the nature of our business. I’m not sure that I ever would have believed that (a) I had a problem, because everyone around me struggled with similar issues (making it normal), and (b) I could feel as good as I do now.

Gone are my headaches, joint pain, fatigue, insomnia, arrhythmia, meds, and, of course, the belly.

I don’t remember ever feeling this good!

Having the energy and strength I’m experiencing at 46 almost feels unnatural, but that’s exactly what it is: natural.

Becoming educated about my body through our team of specialists has opened my eyes to the fact that as I get older I have to be more strategic about hacking through the unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle of sitting at a desk all day.

Our team has taught me how to exercise the right way, prepare for better sleep, creating a nutrition plan for my body, avoid “pitfall” foods and hydrating properly.

All these lessons have been life changing. I will never go back.

Like those fortune 100 CEOs described above, my health is now a strategic advantage.

You can check out the process we use at Stark here.

This blog is meant to highlight those C-Level clients, their stories, what they’ve accomplished, and what they’ve learned.

My only hope is that you join us in optimizing your body.

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And remember: Stark is you, optimized!