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woman measuring her waist
The reality and pitfalls of fat loss
November 18, 2016

It’s no secret, fat loss is one of the greatest challenges men and women face during their health journey. Unlike gaining weight,…

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David Lacey walking up the stairs in an architecture office
The Inspirational Story Behind David Lacey
October 10, 2016

We meet all types of people at Stark, many of whom are motivated to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. But few... Read More
man and woman doing planks
How to Get the Most Out of Your Gym Time and Optimize Fat Loss
July 21, 2016

Let’s face it, running a business translates into long, hard hours often spent sitting behind a desk, in business meetings, or... Read More
Strategic Heart Planning
Strategic Health Planning – How a Healthy Heart Can Fuel Fat Loss
July 19, 2016

When it comes to cardio workouts, there are generally two camps of thinking: one is that cardio training will make you... Read More
man winded
The Connection between Stress, Nutrition, and Optimizing Fat Loss
July 5, 2016

If you’re serious about achieving your fitness goals and seeing results, chances are good that you’ve tried some form of diet... Read More
a man sits on a leg press machine, about to unlock the weights to get started on his exercise
The Art of the Hustle With Ron Cummings
June 23, 2016

What started out as an unlikely end to a golf game became the beginning of something much bigger. Ron Cummings, CEO... Read More
inches on waist
What To Do When Your Diet Isn’t Working
February 13, 2016

So you wanted to get back in shape. Lose the gut and get your muscle definition back. You’ve been at it…

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a wrestler sets up his stance
The Best Way to Build Lean Muscle For Young Athletes
February 13, 2016

Young athletes gather around! The weather is warming, school’s almost out, and the time is now. This is the season to…

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A lean woman measures her thigh with a measuring tape
Secrets to Fat Loss and a More Youthful Metabolism
February 13, 2016

The following are some simple tips to get rid of the last 5 – 10 pounds; the pounds with which you’ve…

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woman holding scale
3 Reasons Why You May Be Struggling to Lose Weight
February 13, 2016

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first – you should eat less and to around 80% satiety. Based on the…

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