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How to reduce inflammation (without the pills)
Inflammation: What It Is, What to Do About It, & When to Do Nothing
October 7, 2021

We have all experienced inflammation in our lives — but when is it a good thing, and when is it a... Read More
Hip Mobility with Dr. Justin
September 2, 2021

WATCH HERE Today you are going to learn a great mobility exercise for your hips. If you hare having any low... Read More
Shoulder Blade Mobility with Dr. Justin
August 18, 2021

WATCH HERE Your shoulder blades are an important key to moving well, but are often overlooked when it comes to moving... Read More
Upper Back Foam Rolling with Dr. Justin
August 5, 2021

WATCH HERE Tight traps bro? I got you. Foam rolling your upper back can help ease the tension in your upper traps and t-spine from... Read More
Neck mobility with Dr. Justin
July 21, 2021

Watch Here This exercise is perfect if you have any neck stiffness or if you want to improve your neck mobility.    Step 1: POSITIONING ... Read More
What is FRC?
July 21, 2021

If you have trained at Stark, you may have noticed one of the chiropractors working side by side with coaches in... Read More
Wrist Mobility with Dr. Justin
July 8, 2021

You don’t realize how important a muscle is until you strain it and wince every time you  use it involuntarily. Typing, lifting, cooking, and a plethora of other common activities require a... Read More
3 Tips For Proper Squat Form
February 25, 2021

Having a tough time reaching your full range of motion with your squats? Don’t be too hard on yourself, squats are…

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pain in back
The Number One Reason for Back Pain
February 13, 2016

It happens to everyone and is usually caused by sitting down or sleeping on your side in a fetal position. What... Read More