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January 1 circled on the calendar
Why Your Goals Shouldn’t Wait Until the New Year
November 28, 2023

In the whirlwind of holiday festivities, it's easy to push health goals to the back burner, promising to address them once... Read More
Couple doing virtual training in front of a computer
True or False: Rescheduling Is The Only Way To Stay On Track Over The Holidays
December 4, 2023

False! While adjusting workouts around your travel schedule is a great option, it's not the only way to stay on track... Read More
A hand holds two pills, one has a happy face drawn on and the other is a sad face
What You Should Know Before Starting SSRIs
November 24, 2023

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, or SSRIs, have become a cornerstone in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. These medications, including... Read More
a variety of ultra processed foods, from bread products to chips, candy, and more
The Truth Behind Ultra-Processed Foods and Health
November 20, 2023

In a recent article by The Guardian, a headline emerged proclaiming, "Some ultra-processed foods are good for your health, WHO-backed study... Read More
a person in an apron holding a roasted turkey on a platter
3 Tips to Staying on Track Over the Holidays
November 13, 2023

With special events, parties, family gatherings, and travel plans, the holidays can throw off your regular routines and make it especially... Read More
Airplane meals
Nutrition Hacks While Traveling
October 30, 2023

Whether it is a fun vacation, visiting family, or an important business trip, traveling can throw off your entire routine. Sometimes... Read More
A cheat sheet of fiberous foods from cateogries such as vegetables, grains, beans, and more!
Benefits & Sources of Fiber
October 30, 2023

While understanding the different macronutrients and how they can support your goals is a great starting point when learning about healthy... Read More
a man wearing an eye mask and ear plugs while engaging in Ketamine Assisted Therapy
Todd’s Mental Health Experiment
October 20, 2023

Many of you have been curious about my personal journey into the world of ketamine-assisted therapy and its potential impact on... Read More
Products from popular brand Native
Brands We Love: Native
October 19, 2023

In the world of hygiene products, consumers are increasingly demanding natural and clean ingredients. The market has seen a surge in... Read More
A collection of different plant-based meats mimicking animal products such as chicken legs, burger paties, and shrimp
The Issue with Plant-Based Meat
October 12, 2023

Plant-based meats have emerged as a trendy and seemingly virtuous alternative to traditional animal-based proteins, ironically in response to Whole Food... Read More