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What is a DEXA Scan?
What is a DEXA Scan?
January 26, 2023

Many people come to Stark already vaguely familiar with our services- nutrition, blood work, personal training, with the notable exception of... Read More
How Long Will It Take?
Your Weight Loss Timeline, Explained
January 26, 2023

Fat loss is a common goal for many people, with the ultimate aim of improving health and achieving those special occasion... Read More
Weight Loss Myths That Are Still Too Commom
4 Common Weight Loss Myths
January 19, 2023

Are you tired of hearing all the contradicting weight loss advice out there? From “no carbs ever” to “just cut 500... Read More
Why Warm Ups Matter
Tips From A Personal Trainer: Warming Up Properly is a Must
January 19, 2023

If you looking to get the most out of your workout, then you need to be sure you are warming up... Read More
How Alcohol Impacts Metabolism
The Real Impact of Alcohol on Metabolism
January 12, 2023

So, you’ve had a few drinks over the weekend and now you’re wondering if it has any effect on your metabolism.... Read More
Plantar Fascia: When, Why, & How to Roll
Roll Your Plantar Fascia: Why, When, & How
January 12, 2023

The plantar fascia is a thick fibrous band of connective tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot from your... Read More
Practice This Skill Before Setting a New Years Resolution
Practice This Skill Before Setting a New Years Resolution
December 19, 2022

With New Year’s resolutions on the horizon, it is important to start off the year strong. Many people make resolutions to... Read More
Nutritionist’s Holiday Gift Guide
Nutritionist’s Holiday Gift Guide
December 15, 2022

‘Tis the season of giving, and what better way to show someone you care than with a gift that supports their... Read More
The Only Tip You Need For Weight Loss During the Holidays
December 8, 2022

The holidays are here, which means a season of family, joyous festivities - and overindulgence. We are here to remind you that... Read More
Health Benefits of Coffee
December 1, 2022

Whether you’re an early morning exerciser or someone who likes to hit the snooze button several times before getting out of... Read More