Coach’s Talk: What Is Your Favorite Snack?

Hungry in between meals but not sure what to snack on? Finding the right healthy snack can be tough, but it is possible to find snacks that are tasty and help you stay on target with your macros! We turned to our coaches to see what their favorite snacks are to hopefully provide you with some inspiration for your next afternoon snack! 

Snack Inspiration

  • Beef / Turkey Jerky 
  • Fruit (All kinds)
  • Protein Pancakes
  • Eat your protein! You can snack on any of your favorite proteins –  eat leftover chicken or salmon from the night before.
  • Cucumber sliced with salt and pepper sprinkled on top!
  • Apple slices with almond butter 
  • Rice cakes – either sweet or savory!  For sweet, top with your favorite nut butter and strawberries. For something more savory try it topped with avocado and any toppings you enjoy!


If you are tracking your macros, snacks are a great way to hit your protein, fats, and carbs right on the dot! If you didn’t hit your macros with your main meals throughout the day, snacks serve as a great way to make sure you hit whatever you are missing! These are only recommendations of our coach’s favorite snacks, but at Stark we encourage you to stay on track of your clean eating habits and eat snacks that support your clean eating!