Electromagnetic Therapy

Electromagnetic therapy is a unique therapy that sends a current through any part of the body to help break down knots and scar tissue at a cellular level.  The current that is sent through the body is customized based on the injury and has different settings to adjust to the body part and type of injury.  This therapy is unique because the settings are stronger and more concentrated than any modality in the therapy space and is able to penetrate deeper to get to places in which manual therapy cannot. Not only that, but electromagnetic therapy can only be found in less than 8 clinics around Southern California and one of which is used by the Los Angeles Rams! 

Electromagnetic therapy can be used for any injury no matter how acute or chronic. This therapy is fantastic for mild neck stiffness to excruciating lower back pain with sciatica and everything in the middle of tendonitis, headaches, plantar fascia pain, joint pain and osteoarthritis. One of the amazing side effects of this modality is that it also actually allows your body to create its own heat and creates a warm effect to allow for better circulation which allows for the inflammation to rise to the surface, assists your body to circulate the toxins from the body, and to increase cellular regeneration meaning that the electromagnetic current will speed up the healing process and make for a more relaxing treatment. 

Due to the nature of this type of therapy, contraindications include patients with a pacemaker, insulin pump, or cancer. 

a chiroprator uses an electromagnetic therapy device on a patient’s foot