Form Friday: Prone Reverse Fly

Don’t be that person in the gym whose got great energy but terrible form! Unlock the power of the Prone Dumbbell Reverse Fly by learning the correct form with two of your favorite Stark coaches. 

Quick Disclaimers: 

  1. The body is a surviving machine. It will do whatever is necessary to compensate for the tension placed on the muscle. With the correct form, you eliminate those minor compensations to create maximize tension on the muscle. 
  2. There are many ways to perform an exercise correctly. We will be teaching you ONE of those ways. 


Prone Dumbbell Reverse Fly: 

 Take a seat on an incline bench with your chest to the bench. Let your arms dangle below with your weights in hand. Keeping your arms straight, bring the weights out at your sides by pinching your scapula together. Slowly lower your arms back into their previous position, and then repeats. 


Common Mistake #1: Arms Shifting Backwards 

To ease the tenstions on the rear deltoid, it’s common for the body to shift the arms down more towards the hips to incorporate some of the muscles upper back and mid back. So make sure that the upper arm bone is in line with the rear deltoid. 


Common Mistake #2: Rotation of the Upper Arm Bone  

Another common mistake for this exercise is that on the way up the upper arm bone will start to rotate, again, to take tension off the rear deltoid. To correct this, make sure your pinkies and back of your elbow is facing up to the sky. 

After correcting the two most common mistakes, the rear deltoid will be put under maximum tension and as a result, it will grow. 

prone reverse fly form friday