Form Friday

Want to know one of the best exercises for building a bigger chest? Want to learn how to do it with perfect form? Let’s hear what some of the top coaches at Stark has to say about the Lying Pec Dumbbell Fly…

Quick Disclaimers:

  1. The body is a surviving machine. It will do whatever is necessary to compensate for the tension placed on the muscle. With the correct form, you eliminate those minor compensations to create maximize tension on the muscle.

  1. There are many ways to perform an exercise correctly. We will be teaching you one of those ways.

Lying Pec Dumbbell Fly:

Grab some dumbbells on the lighter side and lay with your back on the bench. With hands and dumbbells in the air, keep your elbows straight (a subtle bend is okay), and bring the dumbbells down and then back up.

The two most common mistakes for this exercise are the alignment of the upper arm bone and the rotation of the arms.

Mistake # 1: Alignment of the Upper Arm Bone 

The upper arm bone is where the chest will be directing the tension. The mistake that happens here is that the arm will start to shift downwards because the lower fibers of the chest are stronger. To correct this, we want to make sure that the upper arm bone is in line with the middle to upper pec.

Mistake #2: Rotation of the Arms 

On the way up, many people will start to rotate their pinkies closer together. The pecs are an internal rotator, so they do the opposite action. To adjust for this, rotate you thumbs slightly towards each other on the way up. You’re going to also want to make sure that the rotation of your thumbs takes place in the upper arm bone and not in the hands.

Try it out for yourself and watch that chest grows:) Just don’t make the two most common mistakes!