Tea With a Side of… (Functional) ’Shrooms?!

The new darling of the tea world, mushroom tea is quickly gaining ground for its unique taste and potential health benefits. But what exactly makes this beverage so special? Depending on which type you choose, different types of mushrooms – from shiitake to reishi – are dried and brewed into a hot cupful that has some surprising similarities with coffee. In this article we break down everything there is know about why drinking ‘shroom-infused brews might just be your latest healthy habit!

a variety of mushrooms sit around a green mug filled with functional mushroom tea

What is Mushroom Tea?

Made from the dried, ground mushrooms of various types, such as chaga, reishi or lion’s mane, all it takes is a few minutes in boiling water and you’re ready to sip on this delicious drink. Not only does each type have unique taste notes, but also its own set of possible outcomes that could contribute positively towards well-being, making these fungi an ideal choice for any beverage enthusiast seeking healthier alternatives! Making the tea is simple; just steep one spoonful of ground dried mushrooms in hot water for 5-10 minutes to discover all the wonderful flavors that healthy mushroom teas have to offer.

an assortment of tea leaves, coffee beans, and brewed teas

How Does Mushroom Tea Compare to Coffee?

Mushroom tea and coffee both deliver an energizing pick-me-up, but their effects differ significantly. While coffee comes with a high dose of caffeine that can cause jitters or anxiety for some people, mushroom tea offers a gentler boost thanks to its lower level of caffeine. The smooth balance provided by this herbal infusion makes it all the more appealing for those especially sensitive to caffeine. Rich in beneficial compounds that support immunity, this beverage also has the potential to improve overall well-being in ways traditional coffee may not.

Benefits of Drinking Mushroom Tea

This tea can offer a range of significant advantages for your wellbeing such as increased immunity and reduced inflammation. Reishi and chaga mushrooms are thought to naturally strengthen our immune system while lion’s mane may help reduce inflammation associated with several serious illnesses like heart disease and cancer. Lion’s mane mushrooms have also been hailed for their powerful cognitive-enhancing effects, which can improve focus and mental clarity while supporting overall brain health. Mushrooms have been used throughout history as an herbal remedy to soothe anything from indigestion to constipation and support better digestion in general.

Mushroom tea is quickly gaining popularity as a healthier, tasty alternative to traditional teas and coffees. By introducing this delightful drink into your diet you can enjoy its many benefits – from improved immunity to reducing inflammation! So if you’re looking for something new with amazing health advantages, take to your doctor about giving mushroom tea a go to experience the results first hand!

a woman rests her feet, with a book on her lap and a cup of tea in her hands