Dr. Jon treating patient

Functional Taping

What is Functional Taping?

Function Taping (FT) uses a specialized tape that is both elastic and stretchable, which delivers non-medicated muscle and joint pain relief by providing support, while simultaneously increasing blood circulation to facilitate rapid relief.

How Does Function Taping Work?

Overworked or injured muscles are usually inflamed, which causes a blockage blood circulation between the upper muscle and skin layer. The ultimate result is pain. Treatment consists of stretching the tape and applying it, at which point it contracts and lifts the skin, creating space for more blood flow. New blood supplies oxygen to help with pain relief, soreness, cramping, sprains, and other injuries. FT can also be used to support, stimulate, or inhibit muscle movement to protect weak or sprained/strained tissues.


• Stiff Neck/Migraines

• Shoulder Pain

• Low Back Pain

• Knee Pain

• Plantar Fasciitis

• Shin Splints

• Elbow Tendonitis

• Carpal Tunnel