This is a sheet pan recipe for halibut.  It’s a great time saver if you have limited time to make a family dinner,  or your kid’s friend’s are staying and you want a healthy meal for them,  or you are meal prepping and you want something that is tasty, saves time and has the right macros.  There are many sheet pan recipes out now and this is one I have tried and tasted and it is a home run for taste, nutrition and  time. Try it!  Your taste buds will be delighted with its savory sweetness.  You can even add a little red pepper flake to add a little heat. 


1 1/2 pound of halibut cut into 6 ounce portions

2 medium to large sweet potatoes peeled and cut into wedges

5 Tbs olive oil

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 tsp lemon zest

1 pound green beans, trimmed


Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Toss the sweet potato wedges with and 1/4 teaspoons salt and pepper and 2 tablespoons oil.  Spread the sweet potatoes on a baking sheet a and roast for 20 minutes.

Mean while mix the remaining oil (3 tablespoons) ,thyme,  and lemon zest in a small bowl.

Remove the sweet potatoes from the oven and push the potatoes to the side but keep them in a single layer.   Add the fish and green beans to the pan and brush the oil mixture on top.  Sprinkle with the remaining salt and pepper.  Roast for 10-12 minutes until you see the fish is flaky and beans are tender.

NUTRITIONAL CONTENT (per 6 ounces 1/4 of the potato. and 1 cup green beans) :  calories 457.35; fat 21.67 g; carbohydrates 28.99 g, 36.59 g