Healthier Living in a Toxic World


Healthier Living in a Toxic World 

There’s an overwhelming amount of toxins found in our world today — a study by the Environmental Working Group finding the average person has over 91 toxic chemicals in their body, and some people had as many as 165 different chemicals in their bodies. Out of all the chemicals tested, 76 were known carcinogens, 94 were known neurotoxins, and 79 were known to cause congenital disabilities. While you cannot eliminate toxic chemicals from your life altogether, there are ways to take control of the amount of toxicity being introduced to your body. 


The Two Types of Toxins 

If you’re looking to detoxify your body, you should first understand the two types of toxins. There are environmental and endogenous toxins. Environmental toxins pertain to chemicals that the human body is exposed to. These could include inorganic or organic chemicals — like metals, bacteria, mold, and radiation. Endogenous toxins can be described as toxins that are made inside our bodies. 

What Do These Toxins Do to Your Health?  

Toxins affect the way our bodies function in a pretty significant way. Metals found in our bodies can contribute to cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases, and trigger autoimmunity.  

There are some notable toxins that are commonly discussed in the medical field because of their adverse effects. Lead can be stored in places like our bones and bloodstream — and has been linked to the decrease in IQ. Mercury is a substance that will stain the brain with a half-life of twenty yearsit’s known to give people what’s commonly referred to as “mad hatter disease.” Mercury poisoning was deemed the “mad hatter disease” after many people fell sick with it during the 18th to 20th centuries. Top hats were trendy during these times — and mercury was present in the solution used to shine top hats.  

Now that we’re aware of the harmful effects of mercury, we can do everything within our power to stay away from it. Dr. Alice Nguyen says one of the most crucial parts of detoxification is prevention. Most of the mercury found in the body comes from organic sources like tuna, sea bass, swordfish, shark, and other large fish. Mercury is also floating around in our air, especially in places like the Pacific Northwest. Large amounts of coal-burning plants in China are causing people in the Pacific Northwest who don’t even eat fish to have mercury present in their bodies because winds have blown these harmful chemicals stateside.  


Chemicals Affect Us From Womb to Tomb 

We’re objectively living ‘better’ than we ever have in history, but we’re also being exposed to more chemicals than ever before.   

The EWG studied ten random umbilical cords and found an average of 200 chemicals present in them — including gasoline. The 200 foreign chemicals that were found in these women’s umbilical cords were quite startling to scientists. We’re just beginning to understand the major impact these toxins have on our bodies — and it’s alarming to know that human beings who have not technically entered the world yet are already being affected.  


So, How Can You Detox Your Body? 

It’s essential to be informed about the effects these toxins can have on your body, so you can prioritize keeping these toxic chemicals out of your system moving forward. Dr. Alice Nguyen says the top three metals to be concerned about are lead, arsenic, and mercury.  

Many of us believe that we can safely purchase BPA-free plastic water bottles or Tupperware — but that’s sadly not the case. Dr. Alice Nguyen stresses the importance of using glass or stainless steel for food. While certain plastics may not contain BPD, they contain other harmful chemicals like BPS. Essentially, BPS are endocrine disruptors that disrupt hormone function. It’s crucial to ensure your hormone function is optimal — so be sure to find a metal water bottle that even has a metal lid!  

Deodorant and antiperspirant are linked to minuscule metals that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. It’s best to find a deodorant or antiperspirant that is aluminum-free. We don’t think about the harmful effects of cooking with aluminum foil very often — but it’s best to use a safer alternative like glassware when cooking food!  

 There’s a high amount of mercury in large fish — so it’s best to avoid particular sushi and seafood dinners. While you may think they’re delicious, these fish contain high levels of mercury that can cause long-lasting damage to your health. It’s best to avoid these items whenever possible.  

 If you want to keep your body safe and working at an optimal level — make sure that your minerals are in place, take a glutathione supplement, and avoid these toxins as much as possible. While there are higher force interventions that can take place, these are the first steps towards detoxification.