Hip Mobility with Dr. Justin

Dr. Justin demonstrates hip mobility

Today you are going to learn a great mobility exercise for your hips. If you hare having any low back pain, hip tightness, or you are just stiff in the mornings, this is going to be a great exercise for you!

Before we begin, remember these should never hurt, and if they do, shorten the range of motion to where the pain stops. 

To start, you are going to want to hold onto something and push the side of your hip against. In the gym we typically have students hold on the the squat racks, but at home you can also do it against a column, a door frame, or even just a wall.

You are going to keep the side of your left hip up against the post, and your front hip bones are always facing forward, not  you don’t rotate them open. Hold on tight with your left hand, and bring your right arm straight out and make a fist. This is to stabilize your upper body and allow you to isolate you’re hip. 

Starting straight up against the post, you will try to drive your right knee up to your chest as high as you can. Once you hit your end range there, try to swing your right leg open like a gate, not allowing your left hip to leave the post, until you find the end range there. Keeping your knee up, you will then try to rotate your foot you to the ceiling, as high as you can without letting your left hip leave the post or allowing your right knee to drop. At that sticking point, you will drive your foot back, and bring it on through to that starting position. 

Then we reverse it! Keeping your knee bent, start by driving your heel to the back wall, then lifting your right knee as high to the ceiling as you can without releasing your left hip from the post. Swing your foot forward, underneath your knee, then drive that knee towards your chest and back down to the starting position.

Pro Tip: the slower you go, the more impactful (and difficult) it will be!