How EMT Could Supercharge Your Strength Gains

By now hopefully you have been told that strength training is not just about looking good, it’s also crucial for building a solid foundation of muscle and bone that boosts our overall health. Whether you are looking for faster recovery, overcoming a training plateau, or just supporting your strength goals, EMT may be able to help! EMT, or electromagnetic therapy, utilizes low-frequency electromagnetic waves to initiate natural healing in the body. By stimulating cells and tissues, these penetrating frequencies can reduce pain and inflammation while helping promote healthy muscle function, allowing patients to experience relief, improve their quality of life, and further strength gains. Discover the science behind electromagnetic therapy and all the ways it could help you achieve greater strength gains!

1. EMT Decreases Pain

Getting the most out of our strength training exercises can be difficult when pain is a roadblock. Fortunately, electromagnetic therapy offers an innovative solution to help access more muscle fibers in order to make greater gains. This revolutionary treatment works at the cellular level by reducing discomfort and allowing for improved recruitment during exercise, ultimately leading to maximum benefits from each workout.

2. It Can Increase Activation and Range

Electromagnetic Therapy works by breaking down adhesions, which are areas of scar tissue that can form between muscles, leading to a reduced range of motion as well as pain. Breaking up these adhesions allows for improved muscle lengthening, resulting in better activation over a wider range of motion during workouts. This increased flexibility provides an opportunity for more effective exercises while developing greater strength gains.

a Stark chiropractor treats their patient with Electromagnetic Therapy

3. EMT Can Improve Mind/Muscle Connection

Electromagnetic therapy in tandem with Active Release Technique (ART) offers a dynamic approach to muscular and soft tissue treatments. This integrative technique not only helps increase your range of motion, but also enhances mind/muscle communication for more effective strength training.

4. It Can Help Rebuild Weak Muscles

As the saying goes, tight muscles are weak muscles. However, when combined with Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), EMT helps transform tight muscles into strong ones! This is essential for strength training since weak muscle contractions can restrict progress in gaining the desired results. Tight, weak muscles are also primed for injury, which could set your goals back even further. Enhancing your mobility unlocks these stiffened areas to allow them to work at their full potential, leading to greater power.

a chiroprator uses an electromagnetic therapy device on a patient’s foot

5. EMT Can Increase Your Generation of Force

Unlocking your body’s full potential starts with proper mobility. Through electromagnetic therapy, you can reduce pain and help heal the muscles and joints that are preventing a larger active range of motion. By stretching your limits further, your muscles will gain greater strength than ever before!

6. EMT Allows You A Wider Variety of Workouts

Unlocking our full strength potential relies heavily on variety in training. Through electromagnetic therapy, you can increase your range of motion and take advantage of a greater selection of safe exercises for optimal results. Now is the time to embrace new challenges to maximize your body’s power!

Electromagnetic therapy has been proven to be a beneficial tool for enhancing strength. This unwavering technology relieves pain and inflammation while promoting healing, aiding muscle function in the process. In addition, improving mobility and range of motion helps activate your muscles more efficiently so that you can reach new levels with strength training. So if you’re dedicated to reaching your goals quickly, don’t ignore this game-changing approach and try electromagnetic therapy today for even more efficient strength results!