Improving Liver Function: The 4 Untold Secrets

Improving liver function is critical to overall health, fat loss, weight loss, cognitive function and many other bodily functions.

1.) Diet

A huge part of improving liver function is diet. When you consume less junk food and replace it with leafy greens, such as spinach, swiss chard, and brussel sprouts, you will see a major difference. Unfortunately, studies show that vegetables are lower in nutrient content than they were decades ago due to poor farming methods and depleted nutrients in the soil. As a result, our diet overall is not what it could be, even with a lot of vegetable intake, and supplementation will be necessary.

2.) Take the right supplements — and avoid fat!

Foods high in Sulphur are vital because they bind toxins and make them easier to get out of your body. So nutritious foods like garlic, onions, cruciferous vegetables, and supplements such as taurine will help to remove accumulated toxins, and thereby improve liver function.

And here’s another secret: While you are attempting to flush toxins out of the liver, you will need to avoid fats until the liver can be restored sufficiently to process them well.

brussel sprouts and broccoli

3.) Seek optimal lifestyle changes

There are lifestyle changes you can incorporate too. In fact, they might be the best thing you can do for your liver. For instance, stress plays a huge role in the liver’s health. It wreaks havoc, so when you try to figure out what to change, try to remove or reduce stress as much as you can.

There are apps that can help such as Headspace or Calm. They are both meditation and mindfulness apps to gain control over emotions and your life, both of which directly impact stress levels.

Aim to create an electronic shutdown period, even if you don’t use it for meditation. This is when you turn off all electronics and cut off ties from work for a certain period. Studies show the average person checks their devices eight times an hour — this is not healthy! How can you relax when you’re “keeping up” every 7.5 minutes?! Schedule this much-needed break to help you lose that interference and calm down late in the evening, which helps boost your sleep quality as well. And speaking of sleep…

sleepy woman sits at her desk, yawning with her hand over her mouth, cup of coffee by her side

4.) Sleep well

Create your own “Bat Cave”. This is essentially creating a cool, dark environment for sleep. Make sure there are no electronics in your bedroom, don’t let in any light, and allow your body to completely relax. Even while you are asleep, your subconscious is picking up cues of light, heat, and sounds going on around you. Make your room as cool, dark, and peaceful as possible, and you will notice great results from the improved sleep you can achieve.

In Summary

While there are no miraculous, overnight treatments to improve liver function and boost its essential functions for your body, you can make lifestyle changes to reap the benefits from an optimally functioning, healthy liver. What you’ll notice are improvements in your appearance such as more radiance/better color, less puffiness in the eyes, clearer skin, and less acne. It will become easier to maintain healthy body mass, decrease body fat and maintain the same or improved energy level. Take charge now – there’s never a better time. Support your liver, and it will support you:

  1. Improve your diet;
  2. Take optimized supplements to clear out toxins;
  3. De-stress and unplug;
  4. Sleep well — and strategically.