Man Doing Trap Bar Deadlifts

Job Postings

VP of Operations in Irvine, CA
Job duties include:
  • Create the processes & training material to support the professional development of personal trainers in program design.
  • Develop & implement an internship & residency program to more rapidly “on-board” new fitness professionals.
  • Organize, facilitate & document cross-training needed for the company’s fitness staff to collaborate with its medical & chiropractic team.

Must have Bachelor in Physical Education, and 5 years experience in exercise science/kinesiology.

Special requirements: Active Release Techniques, CHEK Institute practitioner levels 1-3, CSCS certification, Poliquin International Certification Program Levels 1-3, ELDOA 1-4.

Send resumes to [email protected] or 17524 Von Karman Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614.