LMNT vs Liquid IV: How to Choose

Electrolyte supplements seem to be growing in popularity- from athletes to week warriors, and even college kids, everyone seems to be supplementing these key nutrients! LMNT and Liquid IV are two top contenders on the market, as both are designed to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat. However, if you think these top two brands are the same product in different packaging, you couldn’t be more wrong! The sugar content, electrolyte balance, and added ingredient safety vary widely between the two. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all the information you should know before deciding between LMNT or Liquid IV!

Sugar Content

One of the biggest differences between LMNT and Liquid IV is their sugar content. LMNT contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners, making it an ideal choice for people who want to avoid added sugars in their diet (or just want to enjoy those sugars elsewhere). Liquid IV, on the other hand, lists cane sugar and dextrose as its top 2 ingredients, which are added to improve the taste and provide quick energy. Although a small amount of sugar in an electrolyte blend can actually be beneficial, 11 grams per serving is enough to raise eyebrows for anyone trying to limit sugar consumption, as well as cause for concern for those with certain health conditions such as diabetes.

two popular electrolyte supplements- lmnt and liquid iv

Electrolyte Balance

When choosing between LMNT and Liquid IV, it’s also vital to consider their electrolyte balance. Simply put, electrolytes are minerals critical for hydration, nerve and muscle function, and maintaining pH balance in our bodies. Sweating leads to electrolyte loss, causing dehydration and other health challenges. Although both products contain essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium, they differ in their ratios.

Both products should be avoided by people with high blood pressure until speaking to a doctor due to the amount of sodium, but LMNT has a higher sodium content and a lower potassium and magnesium content, which sets it apart from Liquid IV. Before deciding between the two, it is important to consider individual factors such as which nutrients you are deficient in, any other supplements you are currently taking, and why you need to supplement electrolytes (are you sweating in a gym or just missing key components of a balanced diet?).

Ingredient labels for LMNT and Liquid IV

Added Ingredients

It’s also important to consider the safety of the added ingredients in LMNT and Liquid IV. Both products contain additional ingredients, such as flavorings and preservatives, to improve taste and shelf life. However, they differ in their use of natural vs. artificial ingredients.

LMNT contains only natural ingredients, such as natural flavors and stevia, which makes it an ideal choice for people who prefer to avoid artificial additives in their food and supplements. Liquid IV, on the other hand, contains both natural and artificial ingredients, including artificial colors and flavors. Liquid IV also contains cyanocobalamin, a cyanide group attached to the B12. Although it is a very small amount, it still takes a toll as your body has to process this ingredient.

While they may seem to be interchangeable products, LMNT and Liquid IV differ in sugar content, electrolyte balance, and the safety of added ingredients. Given its lack of sugar, higher sodium content, and minimal yet safe ingredients, it seems LMNT is the better option for most people. As always, it is vital that you speak to your doctor before taking any supplement, especially since both of these products can be dangerous for those with hypertension, diabetes, and other health concerns.