NMDiscussion: What is IV Therapy?

NMDiscussions: What is IV Therapy?

“IV nutrient therapy is a modality where we are able to introduce nutrients intravenously, into the vein, bypassing the gut, so that patients can absorb and utilize these nutrients as optimally as possible. If you are excessively stressed, especially for a long period of time, you end up depleting nutrients like B5, vitamin C, glutathione even, so having these nutrients on board is a quick way of getting it back in. Of course there is no loss of nutrients due to inability to absorb it through your digestive track as well.

Our patients here use it to optimize their performance, especially their brain performance. Many are C-level execs, and they can have very stressful jobs, so we do this to not only support their immunity but also to support their function and performance as well. If patients start to feel sick, especially in this era where we see viral infections, we are proactive and give a higher dose vitamin C bag to help support their immune system. That has been the biggest use here at Stark, but for recovery, we also have a number of students who feel that they recover a lot better from IV therapy as well, so that can be helpful as well.”

Dr. Alice Nguyen, NMD