NMDiscussion: Why Include Naturopathic Medicine in the Stark Method?

NMDiscussions: Why naturopathic medicine?


Naturopathic Medicine fits really well here at Stark because the largest foundation, in my opinion, is exercise and nutrition. Those are the two biggest pillars, and here diet and exercise is quite tailored to the individual patient. We don’t give the same kind of prescription of diet to every single person, it really depends on your bio-individuality. We do run a food sensitivity panel, we look at extensive labs, and those labs will dictate what their nutrition will look like. I rarely come across a patient whose other practitioner runs labs that are more extensive than ours. We cast a really wide net to find potential problems or potential obstacles to a patient’s or student’s health goals. Any lay person can order food sensitivities, but if you don’t actually know what their other lab markers look like, or you don’t know how to interpret that properly, then you’re not really going to be able to hone in on what they really need.

– Dr. Alice Nguyen, NMD