NMDiscussions: Why Stark’s Bloodwork Is Different

NMDiscussions: Why Stark’s bloodwork is different?



Stark students are typically surprised when they are told we do blood work during their intake, and most find that previous blood work from their other doctor doesn’t cut it. Typically, full hormone panels are not ordered by general practitioners. 

Our male patients will come in with complaints of fatigue, low libido, low motivation, and we finally take a look at their hormone panel and they have suboptimal or overtly low testosterone. Our female patients will complain of menstrual abnormalities, or pms symptoms and we will run labs on them, and find imbalances in their hormones. Those are rarely run, maybe if they have been to a specialist they may run it, but most patients will not get that far. 

We do a full hormone panel, for women and men. We do a thyroid panel to see what is going on with your metabolism. We also run a full micronutrient panel to see if any of your vitamins or minerals are missing from your system, which of course would get in your way of you achieving optimal health. 

We do run GI panels in the case that we are looking at an auto immune disease, or digestive issues, as well as running a food sensitivities panel to see if any foods are contributing to inflammation or any of the  symptoms you report. It gives us a really good picture of how your body is functioning- if you are not running enough markers, you are missing a huge chunk of that picture in regards to the patient and how they are functioning. There are many patients who will come in, and say ‘I am not feeling that great, although my doctor has run some labs and everything looked good’. The question is always what labs did they run? If it is only three markers, or three panels, it is not a complete picture. 


Dr. Alice Nguyen, NMD