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Orange County Personal Training Pricing

Why Personal Training Is Not Enough

That seems like a weird statement coming from a company that offers personal training, but it’s what we believe. Personal training is an integral part of what we do at Stark, but it’s effective because it is layered into the multi-faceted and comprehensive approach we take. Without the supporting disciplines from our team of specialists, there’s no way that exercise alone can radically transform your health and fitness.


Initial Assessment – $1,000 + LAB FEES*

  • Medical Intake and Blood Draw
    • Food Sensitivities
    • Comprehensive Blood Analysis
    • Lab Review and Treatment Protocol
  • DEXA Body Composition Scan
  • Orthopedic Assessment
    • In-depth Joint-by-Joint Exam

*Pricing variance is due to potential differences in lab fees, based on the doctor’s recommendations



Peak Hours: 5AM – 11AM
     • 10 Sessions – $1650
     • Single Sessions – $170

Standard Hours: 11AM – 8PM
     • 10 Sessions – $1550
     • Single Sessions – $160

*Workout price is determined by the time block in which a workout begins (i.e. 10:45 AM start = PEAK)

Personal Training Sessions Include:

 • High-Quality 1-on-1 Coaching 
 • Ongoing DEXA Body Composition Scans*
 • Ongoing Nutrition Coaching Included* 
 • Ongoing Training Program Design Included*

*requires training 8x per month or more


360° Approach:

Just exercising or working out with a trainer isn’t enough.  By going through our comprehensive assessment, we are able to create a program that takes ALL aspects of one’s health and fitness into consideration.

Return On Time:

By making sure that every component of an individual’s program is focused on a single goal, we are able to get maximal results in the shortest time.

No injuries:

Through assessing movement, posture, and orthopedic health, we can create highly-customized workout programs that match the appropriate intensity for each person, while simultaneously stretching, strengthening, and balancing.  This ensures that you become/remain pain free and operate with unrestricted movement.

Measured Results:

We care about your success.  That’s why we track and manage results to ensure that you are continually making progress toward your goals.


We hear this as a primary reason many people want to hire a personal trainer, and we get it.  Change is difficult, and we know that having someone to partner with along the way can make all the difference.