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Photo by Lauren Hillary


“Before I came to Stark, I was really mostly focused on walking and hiking, I loved being outside, you can do it anywhere and with travel with work it made it really easy because all you needed were sneakers. What brought me to Stark was I realized that if I wanted to be active and in great shape like my mother, and she is 88 years old, I needed to get started now. So I wanted to find a gym that would help me be a lot better than I was.

The experience for me at here at Stark has been life changing. I am in the best shape now that I have been probably since college and I feel very physically able to be able to do whatever I want to do. I am measuring my success with fitness really by three things: great food choices, knowing what to choose, I am able to wear clothes that I probably never would have worn before, and of course there is always the old reliable scale that is a great measure. So it’s been fantastic.”