How would you define yourself?

“I’m Scott Carter, and I am a father, a sports marketing agent, lawyer, entrepreneur, and musician, just to name a few.”

What kind of fitness have you done in the past?

“In high school I was a high jumper, long jumper, played high school football, I was in pretty good shape, I was very active as a young kid all the way through into college, never really had to have a specific program to stay in shape; I was in a band which was actually a lot of cardio running around, we were pretty energetic when we played. I always has just been kind of an athlete and a competitor since I was young, and was very active, I drove my mom crazy because my motor never stopped.”

What brought you to Stark?

“My friend and business partner Dave Meltzer, met Tyler and started working out here, and I saw the results Dave had in the first month, and said “Hey I need to get on that.” It’s been incredible I have been here about 9 months now, maybe 8 months, and have exceed what I thought I would, I have lost more weight, I am in better shape, I feel better, I’m happier, and it’s been something that has been able to help me really focus in on what I am trying to do.”

How would you measure your success in health and fitness?

“I have lost 25 pounds, and even better than that there are clothes that fit that didn’t use to fit, and there are clothes that are too big that I had to get rid of, and that’s a good feeling, when you go and there’s a few pieces of clothing that when I started, were some of my favorites but didn’t fit quite right, and now they fit right, the only down side is now I have to buy some new suits.”