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Personal Training


Perla does alternating battle rope slams in the gym

360° Approach:

It’s not enough to just exercise.  By going through our comprehensive assessment, we are able to create a program that takes ALL aspects of one’s health and fitness into consideration.

Return On Time:

By making sure that every component of an individual’s program is focused on a single goal, we are able to get maximal results in the shortest time.

No injuries:

Through assessing movement, posture, and orthopedic health, we can create highly-customized workout programs that match the appropriate intensity for each person, while simultaneously stretching, strengthening, and balancing.  This ensures that you become/remain pain free and operate with unrestricted movement.

Measured Results:

We care about your success.  That’s why we track and manage results to ensure that you are continually making progress toward your goals.


We hear this as a primary reason for many of the people that work with us, and we get it.  Change is difficult, and we know that having someone to partner with along the way can make all the difference.


Dr. Alice and Courtney in from of Stark Newport

The human body is complex.  Because of this, it is impossible for one individual to provide all of the answers.

That’s the reason for the STARK team!  No one person is responsible for all of your needs.  Instead, each team member possesses specialized knowledge that contributes to a comprehensive, fully-faceted program, designed specifically with your goals in mind.

Imagine gathering your doctor, chiropractor, nutritionist, and personal trainer all into a room and tasking them with working together to create a detailed plan for you.  At STARK, that is what happens for every individual that works with us.