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100 companies that care 5

Stark is a proud member of the 100 Companies That Care an organization focused on cultivating philanthropy and corporate social responsibility among the business community in Orange County.

Non Profit CEO Program

In an attempt to create the greatest possible impact, the team at Stark is using its skills and resources to invest in the leaders of local charities. We believe that healthy and high-performing individuals will lead healthy and high-performing organizations, which will result in more lives being positively impacted! We give our nonprofit CEOs/Executive Directors the works! Upon starting, they receive a comprehensive health and fitness assessment, including a full blood panel. After that, they receive 1-on-1 personal training, chiropractic and soft-tissue treatments, IV nutrient therapy, nutrition coaching, lifestyle coaching, and regular assessments to track and measure progress. Each member accepted into the program will receive services for six months

Charity Sloane Keane

Sloane Keane

CEO Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County

Stark’s approach to philanthropy is as innovative as their approach to health and fitness.

Charity Regan Phillips

Regan Phillips

CEO – CASA of Orange County

Working out at Stark has been one the best investments I’ve made in my overall health.  I have a really demanding work schedule and I’ve noticed much better energy, strength, and overall wellness thanks to their comprehensive approach.

Charity Lorry Leigh Belhumeur

Lorry Leigh Belhumeur

Ph.D. – CEO – Western Youth Services

I have devoted my life to helping youth with mental health issues, and somewhere along the way I lost sight of the importance of my own health and how that impacts my ability to be effective as a leader. Stark has given that back to me, and now I’m able to have a greater impact in my work, as well as enjoy a higher quality of life.

Charity Audra Wilford foam rolling

Audra Wilford

CHO (Chief Hope Officer) MaxLove Project

I had experienced some issues with my thyroid that left me feeling like fixing the health issue and improving my body composition were mutually exclusive. Thanks to the team at Stark and their integrated approach, I look and feel so much better, and I have the capacity to devote myself wholeheartedly to the work we are doing with pediatric cancer survivors.

Charity Dr. Ramin Baschshi

Dr. Ramin Baschshi

President & CEO – UCP-OC

As a mother of three, President & CEO of a multimillion-dollar nonprofit organization, and a Commissioner of First 5 Orange County, I didn’t know how I was going to find the time to make my personal health a priority. Although my schedule is still busy, STARK reminds me every day how prioritizing my health increases my energy and productivity, both at home and work.

Charity Partners

casa logo

There is a disproportionately high rate of juvenile diabetes and other obesity-related diagnoses among foster youth. Stark is partnering with CASA of Orange County to help advocate for foster youth to build healthy lifestyle habits in hopes of reducing the number of these diagnoses among the foster community in Orange County. In addition to the financial support Stark offers CASA, the team also provides workout classes and health and wellness education for the youth in the CASA program.

ucp logo

As a company, Stark is committed to pushing the limits of what is possible for the human body. Similarly, UCP-OC is committed to helping children with disabilities overcome their limitations. Everyone should have the right to pursue a “Life Without Limits,” and Stark’s partnership with UCP-OC is a reflection of that belief. Each summer, the Stark team supports UCP-OC in helping teach children with disabilities how to ride bikes. Additionally, Stark is actively involved in UCP-OC’s “Steptember” competition, where we are able to promote and active lifestyle, raise awareness for UCP-OC’s mission, and support the organization financially.