Shockwave Therapy: What It Is & Why We Use It

Are those persistent aches and pains throwing a wrench into your workout routine? Or maybe you just find that you need at least 30 minuetes of stretching to really feel warmed up and ready for your training session? Imagine a solution that not only targets those tight muscles but also enhances your overall exercise performance.

Enter Shockwave Therapy.

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes pressure waves to treat various conditions. This treatment involves transmitting non-harmful shockwaves, which are essentially short energy waves traveling faster than the speed of sound, into the body. These shockwaves are targeted at specific points in the body, encouraging the formation of new blood vessels and enhancing blood flow in those areas. Curious to learn about the number of benefits you can expect from this? Read on to see why we are adopting this new therapy at Stark!

Decrease Aches and Pains

By utilizing high-energy acoustic sound waves, Shockwave Therapy triggers a cascade of healing responses within the body. These waves break down muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation, ultimately leading to enhanced range of motion, reduced stiffness, and increase muscle awareness and activation. One study found that Shockwave Therapy resulted in a significant decrease in pain and an improvement in functional outcomes for individuals with musculoskeletal disorders. These findings underline the therapeutic potential of Shockwave Therapy in addressing discomfort in addition to decreasing your risk of injury when used before exercising.

Save Time

No more lengthy warm-up routines or arriving 30 minutes early! With Shockwave Therapy, a streamlined approach to pre-workout preparation is at your fingertips. Our mobility specialists will have up-to-date communication with your coach about the progress you are making and will have the workout you are doing THAT day pulled up to focus on the muscles you will be using.

By allowing our mobility specialists to take a customized approach for you, 15 minutes before your session is all you need to target and activate the muscles you’ll be using all workout long!

Get More From Your Workout

Recent research has underscored the dynamic impact of Shockwave Therapy on training outcomes. Picture yourself effortlessly achieving a deeper squat without extra warm-up sets, feeling the activation of your glute muscles during bridges, or standing tall and taking a deep breath with a renewed sense of energy after pushing the prowler on the turf. These exciting results highlight the transformative potential of Shockwave Therapy in enhancing your exercise results.

With instant results, you will notice the difference after the very Shockwave Therapy first session. From how much looser you feel going into your workout to how much easier it is to activate your muscles during exercises, this therapeutic will allow you to get the most out of every movement while effectively priming your body to prevent injuries. Given how this personalized approach saves time and maximizes results, Shockwave Therapy is poised to redefine your fitness journey!

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