Shoulder Mobility with Dr. Justin

Dr. Justin demonstrates shoulder mobility
In this video, Dr. Justin helps show you how to increase your mobility and stretch out your shoulder a little bit. If you have been experiencing any shoulder pain, or if you are tight from being hunched over all day at a desk, this will be especially helpful. Let’s begin with focusing on your right shoulder first.
To start, make a fist with your right hand down at your side. Just like other mobility exercises, you want to try to keep your entire body really stiff, like a statue, so make sure your chest is always facing forward. You also need to make sure you are not shrugging up too high, but you want to keep your opposite arm as straight as you can. Now, you will squeeze your fist at about 20 or 30 percent of your maximum effort here. Pulling those shoulder blades back, slowly bring your right arm up towards your ear. You are driving your thumb up towards the ceiling, and you want to try to bring that right arm as far back as you can until you hit a roadblock of sorts. Make sure you are not arching your back backwards to get more range of motion so don’t cheat yourself!
Here you are going to bring your right arm up as high as you can, and then you’re going to start rotating that right arm backwards. In order to make sure that your elbow stays straight squeeze your bicep and tricep a little bit, then keep rotating that right fist like you are trying to turn your palm up towards the ceiling. Keep rotating back until you can bring your right arm towards your side. With your knuckles at your side here, you are going to reverse it.
Now you are going to drive that thumb to the back wall, trying to bring that right arm back as far as we can without leaning forward. Try to pull that back once you find the end range, then open up that right shoulder to rotate your palm back up to the ceiling. From here, bring that arm up and over, as high as you can, up towards your ear then down towards your side. Next, repeat the same steps above, but with your left shoulder this time. To get the most from this, try to do two to three repetitions at least once a day on each arm!