Stark Naked 2022 Transformations

If you weren’t aware, this years’ Stark Naked was particularly special for us, as it marked the 10 year anniversary of the competition! Much like the competitors, Stark Naked has changed and adapted a lot over the years. Previously everyone was raising money for a single charity represented as opposed to picking their own cause, one year there were teams of 2 competing against each other instead of individuals, and originally the photos were taken 100% nude, while now a days we joke that we should rebrand a Stark Almost-Naked! Of all the things that have remained, one of our favorite parts of Stark Naked is seeing our students’ physique change into their dream results. 

Many people come in to Stark with a variety of meaningful goals. From building healthier eating habits for their family, to getting out of pain, or even seeking to improve their health to get off prescription medication. After we help our students’ reach the goals these kind of life changing goals they thought would take a lifetime, new possibilities start to reveal themselves as students realize they are capable of more than they previously thought. Although it takes training hard, properly balanced macros, increasing NEAT, lots of active recovery, and more, this years’ Stark Naked athletes are great examples of all that you can achieve when you consistently work towards your goal! If you don’t believe us, just take a look for yourself here at a few (out of dozens!) of great transformations achieved:

Tony, who represented the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Washington DC in Stark Naked, went from being in pain and out of shape, to feeling (and looking!) better than he ever has before
the transformation of proud mom of 2, who decided to prioritize her own health for the sake of her family, and not only looks amazing but feels more confident now
a side by side comparison of a woman in her 50s, from the start of her Stark journey to now. The “after” image reveals previously unseen abs, noticeable definition in her arms, and a significant loss of body fat
the before and after of one of Stark’s naturopathic doctor after 6 month, in which he gained over 15lbs of muscle while cutting adipose tissue