Stark Naked

Good for Your Community, Good for Your Body

By investing in your body—by competing—you’ll be investing in your community! 100% of your entry fee and funds raised in the competition will go to your charity of choice. (*minus processing fees from the fundraising platform)


·      $1,000 entry fee (100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE)
·      Follow the Stark Naked program for 16 weeks
·      Raise money on behalf of your favorite charity

The winner will be determined by a combination of the number of online votes for your photo, voting from a panel of judges, and funds raised for charity.  ALL FUNDS RAISED ARE 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

In addition to an awesome, ripped body – the winner gets his/her name engraved on the Stark Naked trophy!

Stark Naked Competition

Stark Naked‍‍‍™ History

The competition started out “around the water cooler.” Because we’re in the business of transforming bodies, the team was in continual debates as to whose was better. One of our coaches suggested we let “the people” decide. Another coach suggested, in jest, that we call the competition “Stark Naked ™,” a literal translation of Stark people mostly naked! I wanted to ensure it wasn’t just a competition of vanity and had a community connection, hence the purpose of raising money for local charities. Staff-only was the first competition in 2012. But, during the prep phase, our students began hinting that they would like to join in the next one. And so it began.

Todd Vande Hei

– Todd Vande Hei, President & Co-Founder

Ripped Old Guy Todd Vande Hei