The Holiday season is filled with joy, family, giving, and as we all know, goals to get into better shape. Help your family and friends reach their goals with these ten gifts that any fitness-driven person would love to have. 

  1. Ozeri Touch Food Scale 

Professional quality, easy to use food scale at a good price. Good for foodies looking for the exact measurements of what they eat.  

Price: $15.43 

Click the Link: Ozeri Touch Food Scale 

  1. Withings Wifi Scale 

A highly accurate scale that tells you more than just your weight. Muscle mass and bone mass are just some of the information this scale gives you. Its free downloadable app gives you all your information in an easy-to-use way. 

Price: $47.99

Click the link: Withings Wifi Scale 

  1. Stark Shaker Bottle 

Stark’s very own shaker bottle for anyone who loves a good protein shake and loves to rep’ Stark. 

Price: $30 

Click the link: Stark Shaker Bottle

  1. Oura Ring 

The Oura Ring is a sleep and activity tracker that’s deigned to fit you. It measures the key everyday signals of your body and guides you to better performance and health with its app. 

Price: $299 

Click the link: Oura Ring 

  1. Hidrate Spark Tracking Water Bottle 

A stainless steel, vacuum insulated water bottle that keeps your water cold for 24 hours, and calculates, tracks, and guides your water intake to optimize your hydration throughout the day. 

Price: $59.99 

Click the link: Hidrate Spark Tracking Water Bottle  

  1. Nike Metcons (Training Shoe) 

Nike’s high performance training shoe that everyone needs. Multiple styles and designs for both men and women. 

Price: $100-150 

Click the link: Nike Metcon Training Shoe 

  1. The 5 Minute Journal (Gratitude Journal) 

Not exactly a fitness gift but definitely a health gift. The Five Minute Journal is a guided journal with quick quotes to read and exercises to do focused on improving your gratitude and happiness. 

Price: $24.95 

Click the link: The 5 Minute Journal 

  1. MyZone 

MyZone is a belt worn just below the sternum during an exercise for quick feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort to help track your workout. 

Price: Products range from $27-150 

Click the link: MyZone 

  1. Supplements 

Supplements are vital for your health. Fill any deficiencies you may have with a multitude of supplements to choose from at our online store. 

Price: Varies 

Click the link: Stark Supplements 

  1. Headspace App 

Headspace is a subscription-based app for guided meditation. Loads of lessons are uploaded each month to help with better quality sleep, stress relief, improved focus, as well as teach you how and why you should meditate. 

Price: $5.83/month 

Click the link: Headspace App Subscription