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orange salmon meatballs with a light drizzle of a creamy avocado sauce, all on a large white serving platter
Baked Salmon Meatballs With Creamy Avocado Sauce
January 29, 2019

Here is  a recipe that I used for a client recently for lunch but this would also be great as a snack or an appetizer.  I was a little skeptical but  pleasantly surprised!  You can make them bite size for a party or a little larger if you are using for a meal.   Really yummy and the avocado cream with the chipotle seasoning adds a little smokey flavor with depth.  For bite size you do not even need a dollop of the sauce.  All you really need is a teaspoon of the sauce.  Try this!  You will be delighted you did.  Serve them at your Super Bowl party for a healthy snack!!

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