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a colorful mix of kale, butternut squash, bright red pomegranate arils, and nuts
Hearty Kale Salad
December 31, 2018

This hearty kale salad with a mixture of textures and colors will brighten up any table and start your year off deliciously happy.  It is packed with anti-oxidants to start your New Year off with a pep in your step. The dressing is light and the lemon brightens it up and also helps tenderize the kale and brussels sprouts.  Add a protein and you have a complete meal!

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protein oatmeal cookies
Protein Powder Cookies
August 26, 2018

Are you hankering for something sweet?  Try these delicious nutty protein cookies.  They will remind you of your favorite oatmeal cookies but there are no oats.  They are lightly sweetened and just may help you from eating your kids ice cream in the freezer.  They are a healthy snack for the kids as well.  The protein and fiber will help keep you full for longer.

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