The Best Supplements For Building Lean Muscle in Football Players

Whether you’re a lineman, a quarterback or a punter, you will be better if you are stronger and leaner.

Putting on lean muscle mass is key for better sports performance.

If you haven’t read the previous blog on nutrition for lean muscle, read that first.

This is meant to enhance great training (if you need help with this, email us at [email protected]) and great nutrition.

If you’re not willing, don’t waste your money on supplements.

Here are my suggestions for the best supplements for building lean muscle:

These are all very high quality, effective products.

You will feel the difference!

Fish oil will help with blood flow and reducing inflammation (a big help with recovery from intense training).

Insulin Edge will help with insulin sensitivity by driving nutrients into your muscle tissue instead of fat

BCAA’s will help build and maintain lean muscle mass, and magnesium will aid in calming your central nervous system, lower cortisol, help you fall asleep quickly and improve your insulin sensitivity.

There are many healthy, long-lasting approaches to building lean muscle.

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Here’s a great video on the same topic as well.

And remember, it’s your health—own it!