Upper Back Foam Rolling with Dr. Justin

Dr. Justin demonstrates upper back foam rolling

Tight traps bro? I got you. Foam rolling your upper back can help ease the tension in your upper traps and t-spine from all that weight you’ve been moving around in the gym. Here’s how you do it… 


Place your foam roller on the ground and take a seat right in front of it. Lean back onto the foam roller and place both hands behind your head to help support your head and neck. Make sure to keep your feet firm into the ground as you will use them to roll back and forth. 

Step 2: ROLLING  

Now that you’re in the correct position, using your feet, push your back along the foam roller so that it is rolling all the way from your butt to your neck. Keep rolling from top to bottom and remember to breathe. 


 If you feel a particular spot in your back that’s tight, you can stop on that spot and hold it. This might hurt a bit, but a functioning neck is worth the pain. When your holding it on that spot, you can also remove your hands and drop your head down to the ground, arching your back, for a deeper foam roll. 

 After rolling out your entire back multiple times, you should start to feel a release in your muscles that were tight. You should also start to feel like a normal human again with a functioning upper back. If not, then you didn’t foam roll hard enough!