Chiropractic Conversations: What is A.R.T.?

Chiro Convos: What is A.R.T.

A.R.T. stands for active release technique. It is a really unique type of muscle work, I guess you could say. There are so many different types of muscle techniques out there, but what makes A.R.T. really unique and why we use it is because we add a lot of movement with this type of therapy. If you take a classic massage- you just kind of lay there as they rub into the muscles and kinda push down nice and hard, but that only creates a temporary effect. 

So when I can have you move certain parts of your body and have you actively stretch those muscles while I work on it, I take a tension on the muscle- meaning I have to put a certain amount of pressure in a certain direction in the muscle to work on- it really allows us to be very specific on the areas that we thing are tight or causing you issues, and its also a lot more effective. I always tell people what used to take you ten to fifteen visits to fix with deep tissue massage will probably take us about half that time because with this technique, A.R.T., there is actually a specific protocol fro every muscle, ligament, tendon, and capsule in your body.