Chiropractic Conversations: What is F.R.C.?

Chiro Convos: What is F.R.C.

F.R.C., or Functional Range Conditioning, is our functional mobility service we provide here as part of a treatment with our chiropractors. What it entails is we actually take you out into the gym to really focus on your flexibility, strength, and control. How that works is that we actually customize a program for you, and in our chiropractic treatments we are able to identify what’s tight and what’s not.

So when we go out into the gym, we actually take you in to a stretch, and in that stretch we try to get you to flex or strengthen certain muscles. What this does, compared to just stretching for example, is that by taking you through the stretch flexing tand strengthening your muscle actually allows for a more permanent change to keep your muscles more stretched out or looser. This also gives you a lot more range of motion and capacity to move. As we get older, unfortunately our movement starts off at a large range as kids but due to injury, due to sedentary lifestyles, and due to working and sitting at a desk all day, our movement gets cut short, and we don’t want to be 80 years old and hunched over with a cane or walker. No matter your age, we are able to specifically find those areas that are tight and give you your movement back.