What is FRC?

If you have trained at Stark, you may have noticed one of the chiropractors working side by side with coaches in the gym. Typically their patients are grimacing, shaking, and sweating through the session just like everyone else working out, but for a different reason. The chiropractors are walking them through a FRC session, a very different kind of workout.

Functional range conditioning, or FRC, is a comprehensive joint training system which can help minimize the risk of injuries, allow you to move more freely, and improve mobility.

Mobility is a combination of strength and flexibility, and FRC aims to maximize your movement potential, strengthen your joints, and improve your body control to minimize the risk of injury while increasing your ability to move more freely. Functional range conditioning bridges the gap between the flexibility of yoga and the classic strength and weight training by working to push your limits of training in your end ranges of motion. This helps increase your capacity and capability to move better with more comfort.