Chiropractic Conversations: What is Kinesio Taping?

Kinesio Taping is a type of tape. I am sure you have probably seen it on a lot of athletes, where they have different colored tapes all over their shoulders or other body parts, and that tape is a way to help stabilize certain joints, but also to help activate, or actually to turn off, certain muscles from working. The benefit of kinship taping is that it actually has a lot of stability and support but is also very stretchy. 

So the stretchiness does allow you to not be as limited or restricted from a range of motion standpoint, so you can still perform at a high level. We use kinesiology taping here, one to help from an inflammation standpoint. By using tape and taking tension onto certain muscles in a certain direction can help increase the circulation and allow for some of the swelling and inflammation to decrease quicker. Plus we also use it to provide more stability and support.