Chiropractic Conversations: What is Myofascial Decompression?

Chiro Convos: What is Myofascial Decompression

Myofascial decompression is a unique form of cupping. Every treatment that we offer here, we take a unique approach by adding movement with everything that we do- whether it is a form of soft tissue work to the active care that we provide. So with myofascial decompression, it is a fancy way of saying cupping, but we do it in a specific way. 

If you have ever head cupping, they take these cups and place it on certain parts of your body and then suction the muscle. Myofascial decompression is cupping, but with movement. So we take those cups and actually glide them along your muscles to find certain spots that either really tight or adhesed. We may also do this to find other areas that we think need better blood flow or circulation, as well as potentially helping you decrease inflammation in those areas that you are having pain. After we glide those cups, then we place them on statically on different areas of your body, but then again we add more movement with it. We will actually have you do certain movement patterns- for example, if I am working on your shoulder and placing the cups on your shoulder, I will actually have you do certain movements with your arms in directions that are potentially causing you pain. We do this so that we can get your body to release those muscles and get them to glide a little better in those movement patterns that are causing you pain. 

We use myofascial decompression mainly from a chronic pain standpoint, and we actually combined it with the active release technique that we do. First we work on the muscles from a soft-tissue stand point to actually breakdown those knots and adhesions better, but that also helps us identify the exact spots that we need to place the cups. Then from there we add the myofascial decompression to speed up the healing process as well.