1. Does Personal Training Work? 

Personal training is seen as a top of the line service for people who are trying to improve their health. Having a personal trainer means you take your health serious, serious enough to pay top dollar to have someone teach and motivate you through highly developed workout programs. Many people have hired personal trainers and achieved great results, but an equal amount of people waste their money on personal trainers in return for lack-luster results, only then to think, “I must not be working hard enough,” or “Exercise must not be for me then.” Why is it that certain people achieve great results from personal training while others seem to only improve slightly at best? 

  1. Personal Training: What’s the Benefit? 

Obviously, personal training has its benefits. Exercising better than not exercising. I know, shocker. But it does also help when you have someone there to help push you through strenuous workouts. You’ll also learn more about your body and know how to treat it better. However, you’ll only ever get this far if you fit into the select category of people that benefits personal training. And if you do fit into that category? You’ll probably benefit from any amount of exercise regardless of how good your personal trainer is and how much money you spend on it. So how do you know if personal training is for you or not? 

  1. Your Body at 25 vs. Your Body at 35 

Remember when you were 25? It was pizza on Friday, beer on Saturday, go for a run on Sunday, and when Monday came around, you felt like you could join the Olympics without even training, maybe even place too. Your body’s metabolism was faster, your body was used to moving around more, your body functioned much better at the cellular level. If you’re 35 now, lots of things have changed since then. Not only has your body declined physically, as it does naturally, but your lifestyle has also changed, negatively effecting your health. You eat out more because you have more money, injuries that are left unaddressed compile overtime and only get worse. You have more responsibilities in your life which means more stress, and you sit at a desk for eight hours a day. If you fall into this category, personal training is unlikely to achieve the results you’re looking for. 

  1. Solving A Multifaceted Problem with a Single Solution 

The real issue with personal training is that it uses a single solution to solve a multifaceted problem. Yes, exercise is highly important, but if you’re 35 and fall into the category described above, you’re going to see below average results because exercise is only addressing one issue out of the multiple health problems you’ve accumulated over time. You’re using a 25-year-old body solution to solve a 35-year-old body problem. Now that your body doesn’t react the same way it does when it was 25, until you address the problems of poor sleep, poor diet, high stress, unbalanced hormones, and even often the medications you take, hate to break it to you buddy, but you’re not making the Olympic team. They might kick you out of the country for even thinking about it. 

  1. Personal Training Does Not Address Your Overall Health Issues 

It’s not as simple as saying personal training doesn’t work. It’s more like, there are better, more productive methods to achieve better health than personal training. That’s why Stark’s team of highly trained health specialists look at the problems facing your health and create a plan to tackle your health from multiple different areas, giving you better results faster.