Wrist Mobility with Dr. Justin

You don’t realize how important a muscle is until you strain it and wince every time you  use it involuntarily. Typing, lifting, cooking, and a plethora of other common activities require a full range of wrist mobility. This wrist mobility exercise will help you maintain a full range of motion and prevent future injuries. 



Pick one wrist to focus on, either will do. Place your elbow at your side at a 90 degree angle with your wrist facing up. Now with the opposite arm, grip on tight to the middle of your forearm. 



Keeping your fingers together and straight, you are going to bring your fingers in towards the middle of your body. Then pull your hand back, putting your palm forward. Keep rolling your hand on through so that your fingers are now pointing away from your body, and finally rotate your hand back to the position they started in. 


It is important to keep your fingers straight and have all the movement coming from your wrist for maximum efficiency. Do this exercise 2-3 times per week if you’re having any trouble with your wrist to keep all the joints and tendons healthy and strong.